Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Medicinal Hugs!

When I last saw T (Therapist) for Somatic Experiencing®  SE® at the end of October, T wanted to work more 'hands-on' with me as part of our next journey of work. At the start of the session I briefed T about what had been happening - another 16 night stay in hospital to no avail, other than some essential repair surgery - so another General Anaesthetic. T asked how I was feeling right now - I said that I felt that there was a tight band along my diaphragm. We explored that sensation for a few minutes. T asked to move closer to me, and I agreed. T explained that T wanted to hold my hands, and would this be OK. I agreed. T's hands were warmer than my own, and I got used to the sensation of having my hands held, and moved my fingers about to change the feeling of connection. I started to feel more relaxed and the sensation in my diaphragm reduced a little. T then asked if T could put hands on my shoulders, standing from behind my chair. Again I agreed. Initially the pressure was light, so I asked for a more definite and firmer sense of touch, T obliged. T was there for about ten minutes. I felt more and more relaxed, and could feel T's hands there when T had finished.

T asked me how much I received hugs - I said that I did from some people, and we talked about how some people were better huggers than others. T explained how Oxytocin a hormone that makes you feel good is released during hugging, after about 20 seconds. This felt a long time to be in a hug - but T said to gradually increase the hugging time I had with people I felt comfortable, as this would be a really good thing for me. This, being my homework!

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