Saturday, December 7, 2013

Talking to my body

I was able to report many good things at my SE® session on Friday 6th December, by saying that I felt entirely in my own body following the bath exercise, and how joyful that had made me feel, and that I had been imaging a great deal about my 'blue bucket' and how that was going to feel. In the session on 6th, T (Therapist) said that it would be really good if I could now build on the bath 'work' by asking me to say out-loud the different body parts I was palpating (or gently squeezing muscles) so that in addition to the touch stimuli that my brain could also "hear" the different body parts as I was re-mapping it. I agreed to do this and tried it the evening after treatment sometimes using my right arm to palpate the left side and sometimes right arm for right body and then vice-versa. I noticed any areas that the body felt wary of, but wasn't distressed and was able to cope easily and be mindful about what was happening. The bath water was a very pleasant temperature, and I used candles to ensure the lighting was very calming.

After the bath I applied body lotion to the whole body, using more like 'stroking' techniques to each part of my body, again talking through where I was working so my body could both see, hear and feel the sensation. If I keep this up, I will have the most velvety skin in the whole world!!

Another image I talked to T about was these 'all-in-one' pyjamas called 'Onesies' and how they are like baby-grows and how the idea of having one felt 'child-like', safe, warm and comforting. I am off to buy one!

Finally, we talked about the fact that although I am smoking (bad) that it was keeping me mindful and that when in periods of deep relaxing, my breathing becomes much deeper (not necessarily when I am smoking) and relaxed.

I said how much more aware I felt of my body, being in my own skin and how wonderful that felt.

We are continuing to build on the sensation of feeling good and safety in my body before we progress this work - however this remarkable and fascinating journey may unfold.

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